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News / Re : Shirowtaku 2014
« le: 13 Mai 2014, 02:48:03 »
Sorry for the late reply!
I just noticed your post :)
i feel about the same on greaseberries. There is too much porn for my taste, i think galgrease WAS very different besides being sick as hell XD i consider it ero art! I already got almost everything shirow published since the 80s so i could not miss this book! Anyway i really like the pinups from canopri, those are great!
I really hope somebody here collects galgrease cards, i am still looking for some pieces to complete my collection! Love from italy

News / Re : Shirowtaku 2014
« le: 17 Février 2014, 23:11:42 »
Hi everybody! nice to meet you ^^
I'm waiting for my copy of the book, from what I have seen it should be great, can you confirm it?

Présentation des membres / Hi!
« le: 17 Février 2014, 22:53:24 »
hello everybody!
I'm glad I have found this community, I hope it's not too late XD
I'm from Italy and my name's Matteo.
I was a big Shiromasa fan since I was a teenager (I'm getting old...), and I'm trying to finish my Galgrease card collection (too late, again XD ).
I really hope somebody will help me, it's so difficult nowadays to find places where you can trade or buy these cards ^^

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